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I have long thought that one of the reasons for Christianity's popularity, was the ironic fact that its core, the Bible, was not an authored book. But was rather a scrapbook of bits, sourced from many different places, by many different, often nameless, editors, over centuries.

Giving it therefore no central theme, or meaning, but just a wild mix of often contradictory parts, which can be interpreted to mean anything you want. So that it has the maximum of appeal to the widest range of people. It can be and has been repeatedly reinterpreted over the centuries, to suit whatever purpose people had for it, and the age they lived in. Everyone from St Francis to Goebbels have been able to find their own views reflected in it, and then claim the support of scripture.

Enjoy if you will, a short video with a deep view, about just one of the ways this has been done.

Fernapple 9 Dec 23

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One of the best tools for retaining power


Being adopted by the political power establishments widens its appeal.


i have to say this reminded me far too much of Orthodox Jew adult men spending their lives studying the Torah while their wives do Everything else.

Oh yes. Theology = male idleness made into a religion.

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