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One of the reason the US has dominated the world was because it inspired, doing shit the kiddies could look up to. This was because it had leaders with vision.
Now, unable to put a person into space since 2011 with leaders most interested in self enrichment and party politics rather than nation building.
Quite looking forward to the Chinese century. They seem to make shit rather than blow things up.

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Well, it's certainly true, from my student of history take on things, that a lot of accounts payable and chickens come home to roost have happened to the US in recent years. In my reading teens half a century ago and in my uni studies later it was clear to me that the US is very systematically corrupt, politically, legally, financially and in all other ways, but a culture of smug self-satisfaction, US centricity, and a news and entertainment industry devoted to the entrenchment of American 'exceptionalism' and invincibility-- despite military loss in every major war since WW2 -- kept this mythology alive. From a global view a lot of that has evaporated over the past few years. America has lost its mojo, and all the CIA asset anchored TV " news" shows, and endless barrage of American hero TV and movies won't change that. However, large proportions of America are wedded to this myth, as MAGA shows.

I have had the view for some time that while the US clings to its faux democracy with its binary corrupt political system, with better than hoped outcomes in their recent 'elections', the authoritarian part of their ruling class will continue to strive for one party oligarhic rule, with token elections and a corrupt judiciary to keep it sustained. Trump was their first front man, and had he been even a little smarter, he would have succeeded in their goal. So, they know how close they came, and the next one might be smarter than Trump. They'll keep coming, and the US is systematically weak, as we have seen, so unless the US indergoes a major change in thinking and voting, or if some serious and desperately needed reforms take place -- which is highly unlikely -- I think this so-called American democracy is on borrowed time, and the impact on the global power balance will be huge and not for the better.

Also, it amazes me how so many would be 'progressive' Americans still think that all was fine in America, right up to Obama who was wonderful, and then horrible Donald Trump came along and ruined it all. How shallow and short- sighted and narrow is that. You see it on their 'news' shows all the time.


It is a common observation, that the countries which thrive and provide the moral, economic and intellectual leadership of the world in any age, are usually the most democratic. ( The most in the age. They can be absolute kingships, if their kings is just closer to and more respectful of the people, than the other kings of the time. ) And there are good reasons for that. Not only the obvious, that people do not have to face the violent armed power of government, when a bad government needs to be replaced. But also that people are more likely to invest, work hard, respect others and innovate, when they feel they, and their products, are likely to be respected and protected by the law and state. And also that where a country makes mistakes, and they all make mistakes, it is easier for countries who invest power in the nameless masses, to admit and correct that, than it is for less democratic governments who must try to pose as infallible, to try to justify their denial of democratic rights and their frequent criminal corruptions.

Yet democracy most often fails because people lose faith in it. It is easy to say when you look for someone to blame. "Why would I want, "those" to have a say in my government ?" And there are more ways for it to fail than just some dictator seizing power, failing to provide good information to the people, good education, and the economic security needed, for all people to vote and assist well in government, is enough.

America began two and a half centuries ago, in the top five most democratic counties of that age, and by far the most important democracy by size. With what seemed like a cast iron guarantee in the constitution. But success breeds complacency, and while other countries, though behind to start with, have continued to move forward and improve on their democracies. The USA have neglected those other things besides the constitution that are needed to support good working democracy. Like a healthy, well informed, well educated population, who feel secure enough in their rights to respect others rights.

I would say be careful therefore. I think your democracy is still strong enough to come back, but you will lose it if you are not careful.

There now, and that is the arrogant, poorly informed opinion, of a foreign person, with no right to tell you what to do in your own country. So you are welcome to throw stones if you like.

They are good at throwing stones, especially in glass houses. I disagree in that their democracy is beyond repair imo. Far too many powerful interests are imbedded in the system now. Australia will go down with the ship also I feel as we have never got the colony yolk out of our psyche, we simply replaced mother England with uncle Sam. Our country is still treated as a colony by our politicians; There to be raped and pillaged by others, who also continue to steer our destiny against our own interests.


12 men walked on the lunar surface in total. 1970 the Apollo 17 became the last manned mission to the Moon. Makes one wonder, if it was all fake. China hasn't had a major war since 1979, thats why they will be the next super power of the 21st century, and the collective consciousness of 80% don't want war anymore. I don't vote and take no stake or stock in the outcome. US has not ever been a true democracy since the emergency war act of Corp of martial law, forcing a wars every year. I do have faith in the collective consciousness of the people, not the religious or Governments. Just created my own universeal bubble, it expands to my own sacrifices toward passions and desired thats been mastered within my own kingdom of domain. This may sound selfish because human are very social creatures, it works for me to be better at serving others. Or , whatever works for each individual with integrity.

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