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"“THIS IS COMPLETE LAST DAYS DECEPTION! There is nothing wrong with stretching, or being still to focus on your day, but yoga takes it another step further,” wrote Linda Hostelley on the school’s Facebook page. “There are spirits invited in by focusing on things not of God … there is an unholy Spirit behind it. If this is allowed in school, than Jesus must be allowed to be enjoyed in school also.”'


Angelface 7 Apr 30

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As long as it is done on a personal basis without requiring anyone else to take part.


If they want to invite Jesus, I guess that's okay. But seeing a zombie skeleton that died 2,000 years ago walk into a classroom to do Yoga exercises might be somewhat traumatic for the younger kids. Might be okay at Halloween though when everyone is dressed up weird. Maybe the Virgin Mary should be invited too, if she's not pregnant again.


It's amazing how stupid some people can be.


First, does that mean any thought, any activity not of god, even breathing, invites these spirits in? Second, a stray thought occurred. If these are the last days, then why are fundamentalists still having kids?


Typical fundamentalist paranoia -- particularly, but not exclusively, amongst charismatics. I used to know people who seemed way more impressed with Satan and evil spirits than with their god, ironically. But it's also an effective way to keep people in line behaviorally, and keep them away from "strange ideas". Make them live in fear of "inviting in bad spirits".

somehow I believe these fundamentalists and evanglistics get off on the idea of atheists and free souls. It is like people telling you masturbation is wrong, and you're agreeing and thinking you're the only one with that guilty secret.

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