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The footballer that suffered cardiac arrest needs our prayers. His family and friends are asking for our prayers.

This morning I talked to my imaginary friend and it stated that it was 115K short on the prayer threshold for cardiac arrest. If he dies it'll likely be the fault of atheists refusing to submit their prayers to the proper authority.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

As for me I'm praying for a Bengals SB as my imaginary friend told me that due to all the prayers for winning the SB the Bengals have a great shot this year. I thought about praying for Hamlin but that's going to fuck up my SB plans so I'm sticking with the Bengals in the SB prayer.

FvckY0u 8 Jan 3

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Seriously not funny.

Yes, absolutely not. :'(

@Organist1 The person hurt, no it's not funny. The fact people think he'll be cured by prayers, hilarious.

@FvckY0u The whole thing is sad...people who pray to an imaginary being are sad. They could be advocating for better cardiac screening and chest protectors. We humans are primates who are not as evolved as we think we are.

@Organist1 You said that right, sister!

0 much will THAT cost?

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