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I've have been up close to these beautiful animals. One time I was in my garden, it was an early spring day and while there was a 4 foot high wooden rail fence between us the bull elk was just 5 feet away from me. We just looked at each other, I never got aggressive or moved towards him and he just eventually walked away. This guys experience is just TOO funny!

silverotter11 9 Jan 10

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Where I lived in Cali, Roosvelt elk were common in the northern part of Humboldt County. People driving through could be a real problem and bring danger to themselves. The males would also ram cars during rutting season. When we saw them crossing the road, we stopped waaaaaay back and gave them right of way.

I had ten 10 acres on the rise above the little town of Cle Elum. It was within a very wooded area surrounded by open fields. A protected path for all sorts of critters to move thru. The day of my encounter is the only time I wished I'd had a smart phone.
On a side note, do you remember those corrigated plastic straws you would get with a 7-11 slurpy big gulb? I never drank that crap but I have one of those straws and you can blow through it in a way that sounds EXactly like a bull elk when they bugle during the rut.

@silverotter11 well, no--I never had a 7-11 Big Gulp! However, I remember the name "Cle Elum" though I do not know why. We (ex and I) drove through Washington once, and that must be why.

@Gwendolyn2018 HAHA. I did not drink that crap but you could get those straws. Not now of course, at least in WA State. They got rid of them - the anti plastic movement and all.
Cle Elum is one of the multiple exits on the I-90 interstate. It's spruced itself up a bit but back in the 1990s the whole town looked liked the outside of an inner city Greyhound bus depot. I never spent any time in town itself.

@silverotter11 I don't think I ever went inside a 7-11 or got gas at one! I suppose that I saw road sides for Cle Elum.


If the Elk was really pissed he could do about ten grand worth of damage before the driver could run into the ditch by going backwards. Lucky it is an Elk, a Moose could keep you there for hours.


Good for him.

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