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WEF is just a few of my conspiracy theories that have come true. Knowing these dangers is controling these dangers. Do have some deep concerns, yet no worries.

WEF Davas Switzerland has 116 billionaires, 52 heads of state, 600 CEOs, a ton of government acolytes. Scores of media whores, and any number of blonde prostitutes.The whole gang’s in Davos. These globorats purposely depopulating the planet in the name of mass safty slaves. Signs of an Empire that is due for destruction is government corruption. WHO wantabe ultimate Masters of All Beings everywhere in the world.Operate under the guise of your friendly neighborhood Senate or Parliament, but in reality, the true Ruling Party is a combination of oligarchs, plutocrats, and kleptocrats taking control of the government. In plain language. Old Elite and new Billionaires, who control and operate the united nations of the world, the central banks, the military and the corporations – and have been doing so for hundreds of years. Caution of small Company’s suicide-watch list.

What is their purpose
Save the world from CLIMATE CHANGE: Sterilize kids
Make men women. Or the other way around.Hand in your gas stove for destruction, along with your gun
Hand over your neighbors for driving to the Walmart two towns over. Live in smart cities, in smart controlled pods. Trade cows and chickens to Eat bugs.
Zelensky’s in Davos 2023 – give Ukraine more money and more weapons to stop Russia and ensure Climate Neutrality.
Problem, reaction, solution
New World Odor’s Great Reset is no secret anymore. The globalists are out of the closet and the painstakingly conditioned NPCs fight for the privilege of ‘who can kneel, bend over, butter up, knuckle under, and brown-nose’ the best.
The New World Order’s control structure will be a top-down authoritative system, controlled internally by a police state, and externally by the World Economic Forum and their World Army. Borders will be removed, the currency will be centralized through a digital system that they control with biometrics, a social media ranking system will analyze and monitor the behavior of the people and assign a citizenship score to all people to measure their compliance. After the imminent “cyber pandemic”, the internet will only be accessible through an Internet ID card that is issued specifically to each person, where their history and activities will be monitored and restricted.

And, it’s not a conspiracy, it is a measurable observation.
US army taking on the Mexican cartels. Who wants the US Government saving them, being the scarest word of for peace in the last 75 years killing off 10s of millions of innocent people. While more sudden and baffling vaccidental deaths. The earth is 5% greener now and the earth is cooler than a decade ago. Stop with the green passports. My urban farming requires more controled carbon, do not eliminated. So you better watch out for most of the pollution is coming from the 1%.

Castlepaloma 8 Jan 21

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It seems like the drugs started to hit hard just as he began typing.
Kudos to Castlepaloma because he stayed pretty much on topic despite that.

Thank you, it's not easy being unvaccinated and treated like the worst kind of terrorists on the planet. Then to face 60% to 80% naritive lacking the philosophy and moral to defy extremist authorities. As far as drugs where one third of the economy is based on along with vaccines. That's where my life keeps everything in moderation,, and imagination is sometimes is my drug. As everything achieved in life was all once imagined..


Can you set a date? At what point will it become undeniable to the whole world? Or will this free-floating fear always remain safely elusive in an unspecified future, like the monster under our beds?

skado Level 9 Jan 21, 2023

WEF creates the monsters, then pretent to control the monsters paid by citizens and members. To further their weapons of mass distraction. History shows every 80 years in each continent, empires attempt to over throw for totalterrimism. To the next stage of world order as every US president has expressed new world order. Most don't realize US largest ethnic group is Germans and 2nd world war was the last attempt for false flag world order. Before that, was the civil war and the American Revolution. It's more of a G7 attempt vs the BRICS for a world war 3 world order struggle. By pattern my guesstimate would be in 3 to 5 years the 80% collectiveness of people will be max out of this non stop abused and become more of an new apocalypse bliss again.

Do I understand correctly that you’re predicting this pattern will stop in 3 to 5 years, and the monsters will be permanently subdued?


It will be more people power and freedom like in the roaring 20s, fifty 50s, rocking 60s and wild 70s. The 80s trickle down theory was the beginning of greed for corporatism. About 3 to 5 years is how long the Civil war and world war 2 went on for. The vaccine mandate was the beginning of the Trojan horse for everything esle to start the third world war. Not ever seen everybody so separated, labeled and conquered in my lifetime.

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