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Okay -- So not only is Messenger not working, I went to update my Profile Bio yesterday, with a note on how to contact me without Messenger, and now my Bio is totally gone, disappeared. I'd go to the trouble to write a whole new one, but I fear it would all be for nothing. I'm guessing it won't be long now until the whole site is gone? I guess we'd better prepare for the end... Sad.

Is anyone else having trouble with their profile page? Hint: Probably don't mess with it, like I did, if you want your profile to say as it is.

Or has anyone had any luck contacting @Admin with our concerns? I really appreciate having this site for the past 5 years, and hope we can continue it in some form or fashion.

Julie808 8 Mar 1

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i certainly hope this site doesn't disappear


I haven’t had problems. I assume there’s a bug in your profile.

I only tried to add one extra sentence and the whole thing went "poof" gone! I noticed a the bottom of my messenger page, my "Socket Status" says "No Connection" so perhaps that is the issue with some of our accounts.


What is Socket Status?

@skado I don't know. That's why I put in quotes, since those are not my words, but something found at the bottom of my messenger page. I'm guessing that it has something to do with the connection after we send our message, and if it's not connected then it won't go through.


No trouble with the profile bio page, but have noticed for the past week or so the site at times lags, pages take forever to load, more so now than in the past. Messenger doesn't work for me either though.

Yes, the whole site seems sluggish lately.

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