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Saw this on Facebook of all places. []

barjoe 9 Mar 18

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I honestly don't see the point of pulling the piss out of religious "good books", a waste of thought process.
All organised religious doctrine is bollocks is my conclusion already, so no point pondering the degrees of absurdity it provides. Those indoctrinated are retarded and will always defend the doctrine when confronted with stuff like this.

PS Judaism, Islam and Christianity all adore Abraham ie the Abrahamic religions. I like to call them the 3 stooges
Whoop whoop whoop

puff Level 7 Mar 18, 2023

I liked it and decided to post it. She is awesome and she talks just like me.

gee, @puff....nobody on FB takes the babble seriously, so why Would anybody bother pointing out any slight problems like she is? duuuhhhhhhhhhh

@AnneWimsey No sport making fun of the retarded/ indoctrinated.
Lots have been indoctrinated that the only way to end pandemics is to vaccinate all. You can do all sorts of things like point out the "vaccine" is highly ineffective, not long lasting, no long term data available on side effects, does not stop infection or transmission, public officials have mislead the public etc etc. But the indoctrinated will still insist that vaccinate all is the only way out.
Now, I could fill my days making fun of these people but don't because I understand they are retarded; As in their logical reasoning abilities have been retarded by their devotion to the doctrine eg vaccinate all is the only way out.
I find no pleasure in making fun of indoctrinated retards, so I don't do it. They will just continue to defend their doctrine regardless of evidence to the contrary, as retards do..

@puff omg do you have to pull vaccination into EVERY discussion? Have you ever heard the word "monomania", like, from your therapist?

@AnneWimsey Plenty of examples of indoctrination retarding people's reasoned approach to logic, not just religion and covid vaccines. my bad.

Political left and right. "Putin's puppet". "Stolen election". The concept you can have Lethal aid. Propogandists use it all the time, even advertisers. Indoctrination tactics.

Repetitive messaging works in conveying any doctrine. Be exposed to it, unaware it is purposeful long enough, the doctrine becomes normalised. You get with the program and end up retarded.
We are all retarded, but some are more retarded than others on many topics.


i love her!!!!!!!

How are you doing friend?

@barjoe pretty good, thanks...finally got into PT and i like the gal i got, that's a biggie.

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