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If for a deontologist pulling the lever (in the train dilemma) is a murder too? Which would be the correct answer? because if you don't pull it, you are guilty too letting die 5 people... Is there any correct answer?

polhc1997 3 May 2

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Just walk away and let some or other nonexistent "God" handle it ?


It's a classic dilemma because it pits utilitarianism against individual rights.

The greatest good for the greatest number (utilitarianism) would make the five survive. But the single "fat man" has a right not to be killed.

We don't know any details about the individuals involved. What if the single "fat man" is someone who has been spending his life helping others. What if he is a brilliant doctor on the brink of curing cancer? And what if the five are life-long gang members on their way to commit mass murder ?

@BeerAndWine: That is an assumption. I would hate to make a life or death decision based on an assumption.

I will concede that in the real world I might make assumptions. But that is the dilemma! 😉


Nope but it's how you debate your answer that will differentiate you from a psychopath. So when somebody ask you these mind trap questions just pretend it's a hard dilemma to answer (show strained emotional thinking) and nobody will appear, tackle you and put you in a straight jacket. I hate when that happens. ugh!

@BeerAndWine is humour your strong suit?
The OP asked the question: what is the correct answer. There is no correct humane answer just a rational logical correct answer. Even Isaac Asimov 3 laws of robotics cannot solve this dilemma.

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