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' I have for years suspected the medical establishment of parroting what they themselves were brainwashed into believing was fact. I know that 99.9% of MDs do not know anything about the drugs they prescribe or nutrition. Apathetic medicine teaches about an hour concerning the most important aspect of health, and this is nutrition. It is the keystone of health as Jack Lalane knew well and preached this to all who would listen. He was fortunate enough to get a doctor in the turn of the twentieth century who was also a nutritionist, a rare thing today, but he taught him about nutrition and the dangers of refined sugar as well as white rice, bread etc. Modern medicine knows nothing about this important issue, and this is not sound medical practice, and we know! It is the same reason they do not recommend vitamins and minerals for good health They do not want a population to be healthy because we do not have a health care system, we have a sick care system. This is why we are one of the sickest populations on the planet. How is it that we still follow this model? Because it generates money, and this is what it is about but not just money, it is part of the eugenics plan to depopulate the planet. Ask yourself why we are not getting healthier instead of getting sicker. If allopathic medicine is so advanced, then we should be as healthy as all on the planet. They want you to believe that 2+2 =5 a crooked system just like Enron or Arther Anderson. Do not think that for one second, they are finished with this diabolical plan! they just have to rethink strategy and they will come at us in a different way. Be diligent and do not be afraid because this is exactly how they control us with fear. They know it works as they have always used it to get us to go to war or anything else they want, so be not afraid again eve.' Jack.

BDair 8 Apr 18

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My grandfather was a doc in Brooklyn. He allowed my grandmother to smoke but thru a plastic filter, she always looked so glamorous. Anyway she quit eventually but not for health reasons.
I have heard most of my life that vets and docs only take one class on medicines. It leaves them somewhat dependent on pharmacists and drug makers.
The drug companies offered trips all over the world for the doc who sold the most of their product. That's been going on at least since the 50s. Ask your own doctor what they offer for prescribing certain meds. I'm not 100% certain they still get vacations as my grandfather passed away about 30 yrs ago.
imagine not really knowing what's in a drug but prescribing it for a vacation? Frightening huh?
I smoked 50 years and kept trying to quit. I finally was walking my dogs 3 miles and couldn't for the life of me make it up the hill where we lived. I said right then, Either you want to smoke or you want to walk the dogs uphill. PERIOD. Quit soon as I got home, had leftover patches and slapped one on.


The American Medical Association deliberately keeps the supply of doctors artificially low to keep each doctor artificially rich. To meet demand the medical establishment could easily triple or quadruple supply of medical professionals, but the AMA isn't interested in public health; it's interested in maximizing profit and keeping that profit concentrated in their hands. It's basic economics, not complicated and not hard to fix, IF it wanted. It doesn't.


The vast majority of doctors are either greedy or actually afraid not to follow guidelines that were and are not practical or based on true medical science which was use to subdue the populace!!!

We are now being forced into massive overt inflation, they could not kill enough with their faux pandemic, hence now they have to starve the poor and the elderly in order get their genocidal population control based on the removal of anyone they deem not an asset to their “new world order”!!!

Faux pandemic? So there WAS no pandemic? If not, how did it kill anyone, let alone enough people to amount to "population control?" Actually, 20 million lives were saved worldwide, three million lives and over a trillion dollars in the U.S. alone. But that's the "mainstream media" talking, right? Can't believe them.


It was an epidemic!!!

More die of the flu each each year, than died of this made a Covid-19 epidemic!!!

Soon more people will be disabled permanently and die of this unproven vaccine!!!

The authorities used Covid 19 as a coverup using any types of deaths to enhance the monies that were freely given to the pharmaceutical corporations who did not share their patents with the rest of those on this rock, owned by INH their directors and the pharmaceutical corporations which almost all the research was done with US Taxpayers monies!!!

Too many businesses where shut down, education, social, and cultural events severely impacted, then a very few wealthy individuals were subsidized far beyond any form of rational compensation!!!

@of-the-mountain Blah, blah, blah...oh the big, bad drug companies made a bundle. The vaccines were "free" to the public and all millions wanted to do is spin conspiracy theories, which of course made matters worse, or even more than three million in U.S. would've been saved. It's hard to have a coherent policy when a large chunk of the populace is listening to Qanon! My point is, how could this have anything to do with "population control?" So they hatch a pandemic, then crank out millions of vaccine shots, to control the population? I doubt it.

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