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I shall not be watching the Coronation of Charles Windsor as King of The United Kingdom , all her dominions and colonies on Saturday.
To me as as both a republican (in the true and original meaning of the word) and an Atheist to do so would be the height of hypocrisy.

The whole point of Royalty is based on the precept that there are people who are simply "Better" than every one else, there is no reason for their superiority, it is taken as an axiom, indisputable and a fixed law of nature instituted by Divine providence as set forward in the Bible 1 Samuel 9-10.
In the past this magical mystery was maintained by an air of acceptance, privacy and subservience. Royals were not seen close up, their words like the words of a god where written down and proclaimed by their elite, enforced by their guard and taken as absolute, unquestionable truth.
People barely saw their monarchs as human, they were some kind of homo-superior, mysterious and distant, dispensing wisdom and benevolent rule from behind high and impenetrable walls in a magical castle where truth, ethics and morality were dependent upon the god/king's will.
What the king does is good, that which is good is so because it is done or ordered by the king.
Disobeying and killing of a royal were crimes in their own right, Treason and Regicide. And carried far worse punishments than any other. They still do. In the UK treason is the only crime to still carry the death penalty. Regicide carries the punishment of public execution, by hanging, drawing and quartering to be followed by public disposal of the corpse by being cut down on unhallowed ground beneath the gibbet and being publicly left to rot.
The last person to suffer this fate was Oliver Cromwell, even though he was already dead, the restored monarch Charles the second, had the carcass of Cromwell exhumed, tried, executed and publicly left to rot calling this monstrous act divine justice.
This bullshit has and should have NO place in a modern secular and reasonable society, it is utter fantasy based on protofascist, religiously justified control of the masses.

LenHazell53 9 May 4

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Sad that such an enlightened society still holds the tradition of a god given birth right to rule church and state as sacred. The honorable people of Britain deserve better.


Once again, with feeling: Thank you to the inventor of the DVR!


Couldn't agree more Len..and the "Royals" are nothing more than a parasitic drain on the treasuries of counties that still accept them, based on "Heritage" claims..much like the Statues of our Confederate traitors being venerated in the South..


Sir, a point of order, if I may be so bold.

The Coronation of Their Majesties

King Charles III and Queen Camilla

Your vituperative obloquy has been passed on to the proper authority.

One of my favs!!

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