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This post involves some extended reading, but is worth it for those who care about American history.

If you for one moment believe the Government would never harm or even kill any of its own citizens whether through intentional means or by pure negligence, you could think again, and a good portion of the adult American population never even heard of the following incident.

One of the oddest and deadliest decisions made by American law enforcement occurred in the 1920s when the authorities deliberately poisoned alcohol in a bid to combat illegal drinking and enforce Prohibition. Thousands died from alcohol poisoning as a result, and many more suffered severe sometimes permanent injuries.

It began as the Holiday Season approached in 1926, and the administration of President Calvin Coolidge was determined to force celebrants to abide by Prohibition.

The federal ban on the sale of alcohol had opened the floodgates for organized crime to smuggle alcohol from abroad into the US, and for bootleggers to distribute it throughout the country. However, there was also a major domestic source of booze: industrial alcohol, which bootleggers routinely diverted from its intended uses and into drinking liquor. So some zealots in the Treasury Department, responsible for the enforcement of Prohibition, decided to doctor industrial alcohol supply with dangerous substances such as methanol. At least 10,000 people died as a result, and many more were blinded or suffered other serious injuries.

It's worth noting that from the prohibition movement/era first wave feminism really started to take hold, and many socially conservative christian groups from around the country joined forces with the progressive suffragettes in pushing prohibition. The irony is split thick there... first wave feminism, which was supposed to be about securing equal rights for all women, in the process sought to (and did) undermine the personal choice(s) of others. Even back then the progressive and social conservative factions were no good to a liberal society. So much for "progress".

Prohibition was enacted by a vocal albeit rather aggressive minority that was imposed upon a disagreeing majority. Additionally, the advocates of temperance resorted to anti-black racism in an attempt to appeal to those living in the deep south, as disgusting as that is, and prohibitionists were staunch advocates for the disenfranchisement of black voters. While the prohibitionists were eager to disenfranchise the black vote, the alcohol manufacturers (and bootleggers) became champions of voting rights for blacks. Prohibitionists also resorted to anti-semitism and anti-immigrant sentiments in an effort to help further their cause.

Bottom line is... prohibition of any kind sucks and leads to other unintended (or maybe not so) negative consequences, and the far-left progressive and far-right social conservative types have and continue to act out in authoritarian ways using any vile means necessary in order to further their agendas and get their way. In the process, average citizens were/are treated as mere pawns, expendables that faced risk of bodily harm or death, as the following linked-to sources below would demonstrate. The attached meme has been found to be accurate by independent factcheckers and researchers.-




SpikeTalon 9 May 19

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What is it you Americans constantly claim about your government not interfering with private lives?

Could you please elaborate there?

Nevermind, read your other reply below, and AlienBeing beat me to it.

@SpikeTalon lol Spike. So I'm wrong. You are right. So what makes you think that you can interfere in the lives of non Americans?

Doesn't your government meddle in the lives of its citizens liberty too?

@Tejas yes since they allowed religion, British & American stupidity to govern them.

@FrayedBear hasn't religion and British influence always been a huge part of your country?

@Tejas the significance of your question being?

@FrayedBear I'm just making sure you know your lot is as guilty as ours

@Tejas Interestingly though your lot were not invited, the first, the English, was an originator, the religious lot hangers on of the originators. The FNP inconvenient truths to be genocidally slaughtered.

@Tejas And yes the Australian government is known to interfere in the lives of non Australians but largely on the instruction of British & American overlords. . . Timor Leste, PNG, Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq, China, Russia . . . .


How about the covid vaccines,? lol

To say nothing of citizen gun deaths, police, secret service & FBI killings, 9\11 incidents, school massacres, FNP smallpox, poisoned flour & other genocidal acts & of course the independence & civil wars!


We can go on for pages and pages. Government has been about 85% of my difficulties. Because I'm a creator for we the people, not We the Government.

@Castlepaloma perhaps we should study this []


Fanatics always condone "collateral damage" in support of their dogma.


If only everyone was Libertarian.

What is it you Americans constantly claim about your government not interfering with private lives? Must also be why you have one of if not the largest prison population of any country in the world including those having populations many times the size of your own.

@FrayedBear I am unaware of any U.S. citizen, or group of U.S. citizens "constantly claiming" our Government does not interfere with our private lives. In fact it is the exact opposite is true.

You however, apparently know many who make such claim, even though you are nowhere near us.

Please show a short list of people making such claim. You won't be able to do that, so as an alternative, just go back to sleep.

@Alienbeing ok, I'm wrong but what makes you think youve also got a right to interfere in the lives of others who are not American? []

Be a man & publicly share the above video proclaiming that you did not give authorisation of this & that Obama, Biden, Clinton, & all their advisors & cohohorts still alive who advocated for this be indicted along with the odious Trump!
Or simply save money & either incarcerate them now & throw the key away or use the Chinese solution.

@FrayedBear You actually admitted you were wrong!!! Amazing!

As for your "Be a man" nonsense, I remind you that I will never debate U.S. polcy with you. You are not a citizen and as such your opinion is worthless.

@Alienbeing that's ok. When you are lined up against the wall my finger will merely rise to indicate to the executioner to cleave your skull in half with the labourer's hoe.

@FrayedBear You get more weird everyday.

@Alienbeing and you more obtuse. I'm content with weird.

@FrayedBear Point out one "obtuse" statement I made.

@Alienbeing "You are not a citizen and as such your opinion is worthless"

@FrayedBear That is a FACT, therefore it cannot be obtuse. Do they speak English in your country?

@Alienbeing english is spoken and "opinion being worthless" is not a fact but an Alienbeing 's opinion.
The US government has a long history of employing or poaching non citizizens to supply them with facts, opinions & other services.

@FrayedBear It IS a fact because since you are not a citizen you cannot vote to change or influence a thing. The fact that you don't realize this is proof of your ignorance.

@Alienbeing No my fine alien, I'm not talking of voting nor are you. You are simply trying to denigrate me by saying that my "opinion is worthless". From what you have said about your political followings I suspect that no one that you have voted has been in power. Therefore your voice as exhibited by your lifetime of voting for neither democrat nor republican has been a waste of time.

@FrayedBear Ummmm, don't tell me what I was talking about. MANY times I have told you that since you cannot vote here your opinion is irrelevant. Your memory issues strike again!.

For your information everyone I voted for in the last election was elected. I did not vote for any Presidential candidate because I disliked all of them, however I did vote for all other offices.

AGAIN you display ignorance.

@Alienbeing like I posted

Thank you for empowering others who have resulted in millions being slaughtered, impoverished & disadvantaged.

@FrayedBear Correct English would have been "as I posted". Try harder.

@Alienbeing Did you have a problem understanding?

@FrayedBear I have no problem understanding, however you obviously have that problem. My comment addressed grammar, not definition.

Did you pass any of your English courses?

@Alienbeing if you understood then there was no necessity for correct grammar. In many cases your responses are unintelligible gibberish. Whether that is deliberate on on your part, accidental or spell check algorithm interference I do not know. I usually only ask for clarification.

@FrayedBear It is always necessary to correct grammar; how else does unlearn? Of course you never learn, so maybe the correction was a lost cause on you.

Alll my responses are to the point. Your "inability" to understand any response is affected by yout twisted outlook, so I am not surprised.

You don't ask for clarification, at best you restate your bullshit.

@Alienbeing and you never learn to verify that your spelling & grammar is correct - who unlearns?, Alll?, yout? All being examples.

@FrayedBear I don't make errors, only you do.

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