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I work in a residential facility for the intellectually disabled and it's government operated. Today is National Day of Prayer. So, today we are being firmly encouraged to participate in a church service (they can call it whatever, but it's a church service). None of my coworkers, except one, know that I am not religious. I really find that I resent the f*** out of the assumption of belief and the expectation of participation in religious functions. Grrrr...

Iamdorkyanddaft 5 May 3

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If the facility is government operated, this is a violation of the separation of church and state. If you inform FFRF or AU they just might sue them.


This makes me proud to be British and I am not sure I enjoy that


This is SO against the spirit of separation of church/state! Honestly, I wish I were there with you--we'd tell them to mind their own business, thankyouverymuch!


I feel you but I fear for self-preservation id bight your lip and put up with it.

@dorkyndaft you got to do what you got to do mate

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