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Is this me???

RedRiverRogue 5 May 3

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This made me giggle out loud.

Deb57 Level 8 May 3, 2018

Maybe. You may have to make a greater effort to make sure you have some of the popular qualities they might be looking for, like being reasonably healthy and fit, with a variety of interests some active, and some like cuddling at home watching a movie. And maybe be aware many women are self-sufficient nowadays and not looking for a man to look after them, but to be an equal partner and maybe not even want to be tied down to a marriage and they might find a good close relationship with few strings attached might suit their needs. With your interest in music and art, and your good nature and experience with having traveled many places, you do seem to have things to offer a woman who appreciates those things. Takes time and a bit of daring to chat with some possible matches to learn more about them. Maybe others will have some hints too!

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