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When a lie repeated so many time, people start to believe such lie as truth. But it is still a lie, even it is repeated billion and billion of time, and when it repeated so much, the truth would be buried far too deep, that is what keeping intelligence being stuck in ignorance even greater. Majority of what religion claims to be true are this type of lie and it hurt mankind so much. And religion is not the only thing that does this.

TuyTran888 6 May 3

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I rarely lie because it is against the ethics of my profession, so telling the truth has become an ingrained habit. But if you cook me a mediocre dinner, I will lie and say it tasted OK.

Just because of dinner you would insult your character for it? You do not value in your character very much. And yet you would say you rarely lie, that is another lie.

It is not an insult to my character to be kind to other people. Being disagreeably honest can easily be cruel and boorish.

@doug6352 when a person lies, does it insult a person character as to the level of their honesty?

@doug6352 When you lie to someone, you also insult their intelligent. while you insulting your character, how is that a nice thing? Only deluded idiots would think such thing as nice.

@doug6352 Honesty only can be cruel to idiots that would take lie and happy about it. That is also an evidence for being stupid.

You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to mine, which is different.
"When I was young, I used to admire intelligent people; as I grow older, I admire kind people." --Abraham Joshua Heschel


You mean a story is not true just because it says it is? Qur'ans and Bibles do have their uses though, such as being good as doorstops, and they also come in handy for starting your campfire. We are all genetically wired to favor an opinion that we hear from people we know and trust, over the truth we hear from a stranger. And we like stories which favor our personal biases and beliefs. So it is vital that when it comes to important things in Life, that we take the time and do the work to gather as much good evidence as possible from as many reputable sources as possible to get closer to having truth. Manipulation of social media is a real danger now used by the powers that be for their own self-serving purposes. You can always trust me though because I am not planted by the Russians. And I am not a bot, not a bot, not a bot. Error file not found. rebooting...please wait... please wait... okay now, What was I saying?

Anything that is bias, that is bullshit to life. Learn to know and understand what bias is. So that your comments does not show too much ignorance to it. The bible and the quran give the people of a deluded way of life, and it cruelty to humankind. only idiots would think such way of life is good, Yes to their stupid personal belief they think it good, but that good is just a delusion from an idiots.


"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more they will hate those who speak it."
George Orwell


Everyone lies. Some people are really good at lying and some people just suck at lying. My boss is an inveterate liar and she can't remember her lies. Lol.

Is lie good for the character? or is it insulting it? everyone jumps off a cliff would an intelligence being follow and jump too?

@TuyTran888 I don't follow what others do. I do what I want to. I'm not a follower or a leader.

@Sarahroo29 You do what you want to? What about the things that you need to do especially knowledge? That is a need to everyone it is not a want toward an intelligence life. The problem here is that are they intelligence enough to know?

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