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Yes they did....

1patriot 6 Sep 19

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I'm a man. I'm a manly man. I'm a gun owner. I'm an avid sports fan. I like gangster movies. I sometimes cry at movies. I like small children. I like nature. I like flowers. I do think there are toxic males and toxic females for that matter. I don't put down men who are gay, gender fluid, like chick flicks, don't like guns, don't watch sports, prefer the arts. I think most men who beat their chest and proclaim themselves "alpha males" are overcompensating for being insecure about their masculinity or sexuality for that matter. They probably drive Ram pickups.


They attacked toxic masculinity, and it is working. No wonder you're so freaked, growing up is scary to toxic males.

He's not only a toxic, immature male, he is also clearly nuts and a moron... He is the worst newcomer this site has picked up, since it went dark for about a month this summer...


So you are saying that the "strong men" were easily defeated.

no, they attacked masculinity first so weak men would back away and only leave the strong standing. the strong are more powerful even with weak men behind them. more division..... i am sure you can see that??

@1patriot So basically, the "strong men" were easily defeated.

@nogod4me what ever a deep thinker like you thinks

@1patriot Finally you have realized why the "strong men" were easily defeated. They are not deep thinkers.

@nogod4me yes your a weak man! with out a doubt.....let some kid shoot you before you would let a strong man with a gun protect you lol .....deep thinkers LOL

@1patriot Your beliefs mean nothing to me, they are what make you weak.

@nogod4me go get the jab fucker , wear your mask fucker, keep your distance fucker! we know who the weak ones are and now your showing your weak mind.....have a day hopefully as fucked up as your mind is!

@1patriot That’s just "fucking" belief, try living in reality.

@nogod4me i am, your the weak minded fucker that i am pointing too.... your listening to every fucking thing the radio, tv, and your elected officials your paid off doctor, told you to do because your stupid! don't feel bad there's a whole bunch of you stupid fuckers out there so your not called fear just like the MEME is speaking of your do you understand the meme

@1patriot You don't know me in the slightest, yet you believe you do. That is why the "strong men" you exalt are so dangerous. They act without evidence or thinking. They are violent cowards hiding behind guns, now that is stupid. Your silly meme just proves it.

@nogod4me you sit and pass judgement well letting the world fall apart you chicken shit fucker you wouldn't stand up to defend your own children you chicken shit fuck!

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