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My book "Saving Gaia" is finally online. It short but says a lot and has some interesting (and scary) ideas. One reviewer said "it was depressing" and I answered what do you expect? It's about the destruction of the planet and the extinction of humans and the rest of the animals. These are issues we must face and overcome before it's too late.


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Peace through green jobs

It's a lot more serious than people think. Coastlines are disappearing.

@Aristopus fossil fuel burning melts polar ice WAY BELOW FREEZING TEMPS LIKE ROCK SALT ON SIDEWALKS hydrogen cars could have replaced half of all new car buyers a decade ago SEIZE THE ILLEGAL BP PATENT and make them in the other 49 states NOW

@GreenAtheist I make a point in my book that we're sacrificing the planet, all the life on it, and all future life so that Big Oil execs can live in luxury. People don't grasp the power of the Greenhouse Effect.


Search under Rich Goss rather than the book title as they won't sell it to minors. (As if you have to be a certain age before you can handle anti-religious ideas.

Wait...what? Are you fucking kidding lol?

@Neraven I've had a hellava time getting published since I started writing over 15 years ago. My directive is pro-atheism and pro-pot and anti-government, Big Business and religion. Publishing houses aren't supposed, ethically, to decide what gets published based on content, but they do.

@Aristopus publish in Colorado or Washington states where reefer is 100% legal. ...we Atheists are heavily censored but worst of all too many Atheists pander to false definitions of Atheism....we are FREE FROM theism. ...we are positive proponents of critical thought logic reason and life affirming hope. ...religion is all about hell threats heaven bribes irrationality anti-science misogyny genocide mass violent abortions ordered by the alleged gawd Jehovah and mass rape of virgins by Hebrew soldiers carrying out all those godly evils supra

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