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Have been contacted by other ISO, singles whom are seemingly wanting to impress via clever, esoteric language.

SURE, I am a "word person" no doubt, could eat words for breakfast ~ YET, without wanting to hurt anyone's feeling, I still find this kind of rhetoric a bit pretentious...

Let's get realšŸ™‚ and get to the point. I see that you are a well read name dropper, or want to make an impression; we all do, no?

In my view, being straightforward in one's approach is more to the point, hence less of a waste of time and much more constructive.

Just a bit of venting, whew. šŸ˜‰THANKS.

LetzGetReal 8 May 5

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I kinda felt as if you were speaking to me... Yet, I guess I'm one of many overly wordy people...
And my posts and replies are likely too long, and I use esoteric words...
I'm inviting kind reminders from my friends here, for when I am doing these things, lol.
( I'm gonna regret this, aren't I? )

Yes, I did realize you didn't aim at me, but I thought it funny that it soooo did hit me so squarely.
I do agree, when messaging someone, it's much better to be straight forward.
I occasionally msg someone, if I find their comments or profile extra interesting, but as I am not "searching" I make that plain.
They mainly don't answer, but that's alright too.


I hear ya! Once my eyes involuntarily roll that second time...Iā€™m done with such. Want to impress me? Be honest, open, and real. Say what you mean...and mean what you say. Simple.


I've looked at your profile, and think you would be the type of person I would like to know, but honestly, from what I read, you seem to have it so much more together than I do, that I find it a bit intimidating.

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