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Here's an endorsement of "Saving Gaia" by a pretty renowned atheist writer. It's very flattering because neology (coining words) has been a hobby of mine since college days—futureword, end-meme, others. Dr. Dana says, "Every page drips with such factoid snacks for hungry minds."
"Factoid" is a neologism first used by Norman Mailer in one of his novels in the '50s. It's defined as "insignificant facts" of little practical use. But I'd like to bring out that factoids are the bricks that, piled one atop another, are the foundation of our worldview, our philosophy of life.
Reading Goscicki makes me wish I had paid more attention in school. His store of esoterica is encyclopedic: William Golding attended a British Chipsian (taken from Good-bye Mr. Chips) boys school; Galileo's daughter was prohibited from visiting him while under house arrest in his villa in 1660; Sonderkommandos were Jewish slaves who emptied Nazi gas chambers of their corpses; Carl Sagan denounced St. Augustine as the man most responsible for bringing on the Dark Ages; Tethys the Sea Goddess is the daughter of Gaia. Who knew? Every page drips with such factoid snacks for hungry minds.

Dan Dana, PhD
Author of The Reason Revolution: Atheism, Secular Humanism, and the Collapse of Religion

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Our best stories hold the depth of meaning and longest feelings running through our veins lymph arteries and tingles of hair..... the memory of learned facts. ...maybe it's the Boy Scout in me but I quit in 1962 reading 2 versions of our Handbook 1949 zero "UNDER gawd" in the PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE and the 1962 book I refused to buy printing an alleged deity into existence. ....another factoid Einstein died when I was 3 the same year IN gawd WE TRUST RUINED ALL OUR MONEY remember that Einstein was an Atheist like me: " IN ANY PHYSICAL EQUATION you must assign the value of ZERO to god."


I enjoy that kind of "useless" trivia or factoids. My mom did too. I remember as a young kid we had the encyclopia set of books, my dad build a nice bookcase to hold them. I'd pick a letter, open the book at random and start reading. Latter if I had an essay or something at school and I'd go the the 'reference' books I'd get lost in 'em and it'd be hours b4 I would get to what I needed to finish my homework.

I've always considered my self a "polymath", a lover of knowledge. To me that's what life is all about, not amassing wealth.

How about this little factoid tidbit? Dan Dana just posted a photo of a manatee he saw. I responded with this delightful youtube video of a baby playing with a couple of surfers. You'd swear it was laughing.

The factoid: Manatees are descendants of elephants.

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