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Evil is what is morally wrong. Morals are what man defines. Outside of man, evil doesn't exist.

Drank_Spear 6 Feb 12

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Finally you post something agreeable. Although it is kind of a no brainer. Morals in general are a man made construct. The universe is neither good or bad, it just is.

Tejas Level 8 Feb 12, 2024

or both and the key is balance.

@Drank_Spear why do we need a balance of something negative?

@Tejas balance, harmony, you understand the concept?

@Drank_Spear the universe is the opposite of harmonious. It's extremely chaotic by nature

@Tejas ok


Logically, there is good or not good. The word for not good is evil. Use of the word good, in context of morals, is more of an adjective than a noun. Good as an adjective and good as a noun carry basically simular meanings and connotations.

Seems erroneous to me, but most people lean heavily on the adjective use of the word God and equivocate it for the noun use of the word good. Perhaps to say, noun use of the word good is ignored because of lacking the good understanding of the word good.

So, you are somewhat correct. If something, a good, does not exist then there is the absents or the non-existants to be called an evil.

Word Level 8 Feb 12, 2024

Yes, I’d go with that. People love the nice stories about animals but not so much the killing to eat or take territory.

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