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Are Hate Speech Laws, the new Blasphemy legislations for the secular modern world?
Will our descendants look up them the same way as we look back on Heretic burning?

LenHazell53 9 May 6

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Speech is not crime, free speech absolutist here.

absolutism is the problem.

There are exceptions to everything. Fire in a crowded theater is not protected speech

You left out the word "Falsely" which changes everything, there is BIG difference between expressing an idea (good or bad), and patently false &/or slanderous information.


Ever hear of Common Courtesy? It's where decent people avoid using words & phrases that cause others pain.

But can you legislate courtesy, and if you can should you?


Never before in human history have people had the amount of freedom to say whatever they like combined with the technology to get their viewpoints to such vast audiences. Even terrible ideas are finding their reinforcing chorus

The results have landed us in the fake news multiple reality landscape. This represents a problem without an easy solution.

On the list of things we do to give future generations a facepalm, i think hate speech legislation will be pretty low on the list.


A lot of these laws are being brought in with good intentions but the authorities (police and governments ) are reinterpreting them to fit their own agendas .

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