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I think the word Religion should not be used. Approaching a wide vast of different people on this subject. Spirituality is a better word to determine what a person believes. Including believers and non-believers. Even though you have certain beliefs now. Do you think there is a destiny that will change your path to a different outlook.

TweedleDee 6 May 6

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Religions are restraint systems. ..the essence of the word to tie back or re-connect. ...spirituality is often a deception word used by cults and passionate wordsmiths wanting to be read or heard. ....our Atheism is not related at all to beliefs or believers. ...our enemies want us suckered into that lie when we are the opposite of faiths. ...once Atheists let the sentiments of dialogue get muddied THEN SECULAR GOVERNMENT IS EQUATED WITH THEOCRACY or the establishment of religionistic Atheism. ....better to keep dialogue private and personal UN-recorded so the theocrats won't run off and pUT your words on cult radio

So Atheist is not a cult or nor is the kkk is that what you are saying... Defining these words as labels to whom are people have strong beliefs.

@TweedleDee the KKK is just another cult like Jesuits or Focus On The Family controlling both minds and gonads of their victims. ....beliefs=delusions=faiths=terrorism

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