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I love people. I love life. I love my AR 15s. I have many AR'S in many different calibers, and I several hand guns, an a couple shot guns, and a couple of conventional hunting rifles. I am Agnostic. Get over it

Leutrelle 7 May 7

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Good for you.


I have hunting rifles too. And a pistol. But I don’t go around bragging about it. Seems like you are over compensating for something. You like those little guys that buy great big trucks and jack them up really high. So can feel like a big man. That just my first impression anyway.

Well I have to admit that I was boozed up when I wrote this. I think I was just venting about the ANT-AR movement.

@Leutrelle lol I wouldn’t say that I am anti AR. I don’t own one but I do enjoy shooting them. I use to have a SKS with a hell fire trigger mechanism on hit. But I do believe that people should have to jump a few more loops to get them just to keep the crazies from getting their hands on them. I believe in the right to have weapons. And know bad guys will find away to get them. But I think a little tighter control on who gets them could save the life of some good guys that might be having some bad thoughts or haveing a dough patch. And maybe their families too.


Good for you. I have several AR’s and 1 full auto class lll AK as well as a number of pistols and a couple of shotguns.


Funny how identifying as a conservative is harder than identifying as a homosexual. At least in modern society.


Cool. You do you but we need better gun control+ a stronger safety net for mental illness in this country. I know people who've gotten arrested on purpose because it was their only path to treatment. These were folks cognizant enough of their own illness that they knew they needed help but because they never got in bad enough trouble they weren't accepted into treatment programs.

I wanted to post something on the line of your thinking. My thought is that the local sheriff department should be involved in the screening process for all fire arm purchases. The fed should be getting this from local law. Right now the decision is based on weather you have a felony record only. The local authorities could have evidence of some border line felon's. I realize that "border line" is broad in legal language. I just think local input might be helpful.

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