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I'm curious if any of you have taken any psychedelics such as mushrooms, LSD, peyote or DMT on more than one occasion. If so how was the experience for you?

Drank_Spear 7 May 15

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A long time ago, when I was in high school and college. Acid made me laugh and very very confused. I remember hallucinating but it seemed more like an overlay I could concentrate away. But when I tried I got confused. I couldn't really express myself.
I could talk but everything seemed jumbled and I would get confused about what I was saying as I said it. Being a very critical thinker I usually avoided talking. I would not understand where I was and what was happening, except I knew I was tripping. But I was also very happy and would laugh for no reason. It was very pleasurable overall, but afterwards it would scare me sometimes. I had a rule about always being in a safe place and appointing one of my good friends to not let me do anything dangerous, there was always someone to afraid to do it.
That was probably with a higher dose. We used to get blotter paper, tiny squares that someone had soaked in a very diluted mixture, usually in a bath tub. I imagine the actual dosage varies widely. I knew people that made and sold it. They used to order some stuff by mail order because it was the only way to get. Eventually it would go into their bathtub, at a very shallow depth, and they would soak blotter paper in it that had perforations so that tiny squares, like 1cmx1cm could be torn off. They would sell it in sheets of 10x10 squares. You would take the square and hold it on your tongue. Sometimes it would disintegrate into paper crumbs after a while and other times you would just swallow it. It was said that you would get it absorbed quicker if you just heald it on your tongue. Sometimes I would take 2 and I knew people who would take up to 4 or 5.
The worst part always was you would get tired and couldn't sleep for hours. Sometimes I would feel frustrated under it all after 4-6 hours and just want to come down. But you had to wait it out, sometimes it took 12 hours. And it didn't give you energy, just sleep was impossible, so if you unthinkingly took it late at night you ended up miserable for hours. However if you could take it before lunch it was sometimes the best thing ever.
Used to do shrooms sometimes but the effect was not nearly as intense. I would smile and color seemed very bright. For some reason I always ended up paying attention to my breathing when I was on shrooms and would start to think that it was overly shallow. I never got into them as much back then, late 80s-90s. I was very into acid for a while. Never had peyote or DMT, just never saw any around.
Of course that was all over 30 years ago so who really knows.


Oh ya purple haze, orange sunshine.blotter acid,micro dot,mescaline Yes I'm experienced, only one bad trip on a overdose of STP or DOM.The CIA put it out in the streets. I suspect they wanted to fry our brains to discourage the use of Psyc's. I could write a chapter on that trip. Mescaline was my favorite made the night sky purple. Don't try to smoke peyote, cut it in small bits and saute then mix with scrambled eggs.

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