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Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am? I am very grateful. I am grateful for all the things I've been through. I am grateful the old has left and the new is entering. I am grateful to the Sun. I am grateful to the Earth. I am grateful that you are alive and reading this. I am grateful that I am filled with authenticity and true love. I am grateful for the lessons, the pain, the difficulty, the growth, the clarity, the empathy, and the understanding.

Bottom line: there isn't a single thing I'm not grateful for.

Drank_Spear 7 May 15

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Well done. And now for life's big irony. Which is that the biggest thing of all, is appreciating the little things. Because the little things are the hardest to appreciate, therefore the best test of gratitude and appreciation, and therefore the the biggest appreciation includes the smallest things.

gratitude for all. If it is only the little things, so be it. Some have bigger things.

@Drank_Spear I did not say only.

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