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What determines % match on this site? Just curious. Noticing no one is over 50% for me. Starting to wonder if there's something wrong with me, lol.

Proto 6 May 7

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Yup, 50% is probably patriarchal anti-Feminist Rethuglican uncaring for children and mothers



They re did the system and fucked everyone up. I am the same. No good precent maches anymore. Admins piddeling with the values messed it up. You are quite str8 but I still think you are hot!

Haha, thanks! Its actually good to know someone thinks so

@Proto you are welcome anytime. I don't mean to make ya feel all weird. I too reside in NC. I know how people here can be.

@Ceaselessmind not weird at all bro

@Proto well, I do hope that I at least put a smile on your face. You seem like a very nice guy, and I just want ya to know that despite these damn % match bs that you are definitely desired. Although, my percent chance in reality closer to negative 9 billion, or so it seems. Lol


The heart icon and percentage just gives you an estimate on how compatible you are with that member. If you go their profile page and click the heart icon, it will show you how the percentage is calculated. Note, that if there is no heart icon on a profile it means that the other person is not dating compatiable or is only here for community (not dating).

Thanks for the question! You can read more help tips on the FAQ page (see link at the bottom of every page).

Aah, now i see. Thanks. So yes, confirmed, there must be something wrong with me then

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