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Thought for the day....
"Condescension often follows underestimation."

KateZilla 7 May 8

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I grow when someone shares more upon a topic than I might be pontificating for....AL Gore Junior tried to educate voters but many people only felt condescension. ...obviously he underestimated the Bush Crime Family in Florida where 50 thousand blacks were forced away from polls @ gunpoint by local and state cops. ...and sadly we over estimated Gore as Veep failing to defend the Constitution. ...26 CongressMembers shouted for the illegal Florida Electors to be discounted and the ROLL CALL OF THE STATE'S should have decided the election. ...US Sup Ct has zero jurisdiction but idiot Gore let it slide

@KateZilla agreed Clinton told Volunteers HE WOULD NOT TAKE HUNTERS GUNS AWAY while Gore defended a handgun ban. ...none the less racist liberals blame Nader rather than call for jailing the Bush Crime Family letting blacks down again and again

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