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Is it just me or is this the most ironic topic a wife of Trump's could choose this as a platform? It seems so ridiculous. And she steals the materials from M. Obama for her speech and then from the FTC now for this campaign. And "Be Best" that is "Be the Best" in broken English!
What will she say to the press when they call her out that her husband is the exact thing she is trying to educate against. These people are such frauds!

Ktcyan 7 May 8

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As a person ob substance, Melania is a non-event. The only reason I notice her at all, is to check out what she's wearing - then I wonder how much it all costs, THEN wonder who is paying for all those designer clothes - the USA taxpayer? Not to mention the jewellry and makeup. I suppose
First Ladies spend a lot on presentation but she seems more extreme in her lavish spending.

VLove Level 4 May 8, 2018

That was her life plan to Be Best, she may have made if she hadn't married Drumpf..


She is looking a little orangey lately.


She has been with her husband to long and now acts like him.


You can't make stuff like that up to beat what she does!

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