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OK, here's another one. Christopher Hitchens says religion shouldn't ask us to believe the impossible. Here's a good one.
At the last supper the Lord took his chalice of wine, held it over his head, muttered a few incomprehensible sounds, and set it back on the table. He told his disciples, "This is my blood!" Not one of his cronies uttered a "hey, hold on. It was wine a minute ago."
Then the Lord took a loaf of bread off the table and held that over his head, continued to mumble, set it down and declared emphatically, "This is my body. Eat this in commemoration of me."
The Lord then told the boys, this sacrificial ritual must be performed constantly somewhere in the world, or God the Father will get pissed off again and we'll be back where we started. Don't ask any dumb questions. This is the miracle of transubstantiation. Just do it and keep your mouth shut except when you receive hold communion

Aristopus 7 May 8

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Yes, cannibalism.


These people don't use logic, they use faith and fantasy to explain things they knew nothing about. Then they endoctrinated their children and the church re-enforced that teaching as they taught the children in school. The church re-enforced that boys and men were superior to girls and women and that has continued to this day. Otherwise, more women in the bible would be in a superior position instead of a subordinate position. Purists are the ones we have to watch and contradict so we do not slip back into the old days again.

Believe it or not, it was agriculture that changed everything about 5000 years ago. Private property entered the picture.

1 you're saying that you believe everything written in the bible and that this is exactly what Jesus said.....or maybe close to what Jesus said. I know you're quoting but come on. If you don't believe in God, his son, and the Holy Ghost, how can you believe these kinds of stories that were told over and over again until someone was able to write them down in a probably dead language? And then another person hundreds and thousands of years later translates those words and stories from that dead language to another language and got the translation correct. Even if that was true, you know in your heart that the church put their finger in the pie and included things so that they could refer back to it when the congregation asked where it happened first. I'm sure that Jesus being the nice guy that he seams to be in all the bible's stories would not have included that garbage but would have explained a whole lot better to make them understand the importance of the ritual.


Here's an interesting corollary to this strange religious history. Jesus told his disciples that he was the last human sacrifice. God the Father was only interested in his death and further human sacrifice was no longer necessary.

But didn't God know that there was a western hemisphere? Aztecs and Incas would continue sacrificing their youth for another fifteen hundred years—sometimes by the thousands. So either Jesus didn't know geography very well or he didn't care about gentiles so far away.


Magic...what a sad joke.


If Pinocchio told you to do something would you ? Religion is just another fake story. ...quit giving faiths any creedence. ...repeating the gibberish sounds gawd gott gods only encourages mental patients to stay deluded ...quit capitalizing fake titles for alleged deities as if one deserves the title for a name.'s YHWH Jehovah in the bibles not Lards or creator


It's amazing how the Religiously Impaired™ have one set of definitions for their beliefs and rituals, and others for anyone else's cult. When you tell them what they are doing is ritual cannibalism and vampirism, they become purple with rage. If Satanist or Wiccans practiced what the Christians do in communion, the Christians would be up in arms, calling them ghouls and vampires. Special pleading, indeed.


It's one hell of a ritual for certain; the part that didn't get passed along was when Jesus brought out the mayonaise.

I've heard that joke with the mayo. My boss found that one funny.

I hate to ask what the mayo has to do with the holy communion of our Lord. Priests are in trouble enough without you making stuff up. We're talking about serious stuff here. No alter boy either, OK?


And there are always "Amendments"

Coldo Level 8 May 8, 2018

I was an alter boy for years. We used to call mass "The Magic Show"


His disciples were made into cannibals

Its actually funny that nobody worries about that small fact as they chow down on Jesus' body and blood.

@bjporcella It bothered me for years. I always thought what happened at the Last Supper was Judas told Jesus he should turn himself over to the Romans, so the rest of us don't get arrested too. Jesus looked at his Disciples and said, "Eat me!"

@Otterpop As I read these replies, I get even madder than I was to begin with. The whole concept is just crazy. How come nobody ever impugns God for one of the worst crimes in nature: filicide. I could never even figure out why Abraham, the patriarch of three religions, wasn't simply put in an mental institution for trying to commit the same crime with his son Isaac. "A voice told me to do it" is a pretty weak defense.

@Aristopus Don't get to upset it is just a myth like all the Greek ones unfortunately a lot of people think it's real.

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