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Who remembers "Hickeys" in school? I had to cover mine with make-up or be beat by my parents!

DarwinistOne 7 May 10

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That is so sad, D1. It's been too long for me to remember. I was a good Catholic boy, so maybe I didn't partake in that particular pleasure.

I gotcha, Father Phil.

@Darwinist not even fucking close.


Love Bites In The U.K.

Coldo Level 8 May 10, 2018

A staff member came into work today with them all over the right side of her neck. She appeared to be embarrassed about it and kept attempting to cover it up. She's a beautiful young lady, about 25 years old, recently married. Why the need to be "marked" like that? I think a ring or other symbol is classier and lasts longer. They look gross imho. SMH


Never got any.


My mom just expressed she disapproved. I think I was told it could cause cancer. In southern Louisiana we called them passion marks.


I used to love givin hickeys when I was in high school! There was a gal who used to come to school with hickeys all over her throat and everywhere.... LMAO! I use to love that chic!


Oh yeah ... hickies. Collected a few over the years. Delivered some too !


Yes I remember those, Had a few But never got beat for having them.


This is the saddest story and typical of my life...I was acting daft with the dog's chain, hung it round my neck and my skin got caught in the links. My Mum went mad at me for having a 'love bite' (What they are called in UK and I had never heard of them). She wouldn't believe me it was the dog boys included. Sorry to hear your parents assaulted you...


I told my parents i caught my neck in the door. They never said anything.


Would it not have been easier not to have gotten them in the first place, I mean who wants a beating.

My dad never threatened my sisters but he never told me what caused hardening of the penis. ...SARS SORC volume of Brittanica did answer all the vagina and ovulation questions along with the cause of embarrassing erections in 8th grade

@GreenAtheist Thank god for Brittanica, what would you have done without it.

@Jolanta my plan was to ask our family osteopath who also went frog hunting with my dad. ...with all the gutter talk in gym and neighbor boys I'm glad I found my encyclopedic answers


Yes we wore turtleneck sweaters to hide mutual collar bone suck bruises. ...I liked it but did not give me an erection or climax. girl ever admitted to how much it pleased them and in college kisses after a beer at the bar did not go below the ear. ...the no hickey adult rule....who will be the first partner with me to resume hickeys ?


I was ok - my parents didn’t know what they were, and would probably have done nothing more than eyeball rolling. I was pretty much beyond their control by the time I was 14. Having said that, I was a ‘good boy’.

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