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How do you feel about Jehovah’s Witnesses? Apart from knocking on your door... I have the pleasure of working with one, so I’m curious as to how it stacks up to other opinions. To the religion as a whole and to the people that follow.

cbrd89 5 May 11

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I used to be one, for about 15 years. I simply did not know how to accept everything at face value so it was tough. I think the others recognised that I was not really part of the collective mind - the Borg as some wits call it. Every decency in life is sacrificed for unity in the JWs. Respect for independent thinking, sincerity, honesty and goodness are sacrificed on the altar of unity. It was a little like how I thought life must have been like in communist Russia.


From the few I have met in social settings (mostly college) I have to say they are some of the nicest and most positive people I've met. I really enjoyed having this one guy in my class, though I also hated him because he was so damn smart he always defined the higher end of the bell curve for grading! I also have had a few at my door. Also nice guys. I entertained them for a few conversations and even went to visit their church to check it out. (I was not interested in joining, just curious to see the inside. ) when it finally came to the "would you like to join?" part, I politely declined. I was a little taken back though at their sincere disbelief that I wasn't interested in joining. They were truly perplexed that they had revealed the "truth" to me and I wasn't interested. They weren't mean at all. Just sort of in disbelief. Never heard from them again.


When they've knocked on my door, ive been polite, and tactfully as I can I tell them thanks but no thanks.

gater Level 7 May 11, 2018

I had a neighbour, cute, single and a tease.
Turns out she is an asexual joho.
Though she had a young daughter (now 19) at the time.
Her daughter is an atheist, all our other neighbours were religious of other persuasions.
The joho was moody as hell, would love to fight with me, but also come to me for support when she was fighting other neighbours. I moved 5 years back, we had dinner together once a week for about a year after I moved, and go for a drive about 3 times a year now. Met for coffee 3 weeks back, all she wants to talk about is my sex life. She is about 50. Seriously mixed up. bible readings at her home everry Wednesday.


They are far more gullible than even the most extreme of other Christian denominations.
There leaders have lied to them openly on a least seven occasions and been proven unreliable liars, and yet the followers continue devoted and unhealthy devotion to the hierarchy even at the expense of their loved ones lives.


I will only feel her if she is pretty and naked ??


As the deluded go, the JWs I've met have been decent enough.


How do I feel about Jehovah's witnesses?

I usually start at the thigh and work up towards the buttocks.

They've usually gone before I get to the chest.....


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