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Finally!!! Someone is standing up to the bully. Europe is giving Trump the big finger re Iran.

Australia and America have always been friends. When friends get out of line, you say "Mate! Pull your head in, you're being a dickhead". But instead, Australia has been standing behind America's broad shoulders, egging them on. Enabling the bully.
On behalf of Australia, I apologise to America for not being the friend we should have been. Been happening a while now, Trump is just the latest. My govt needs to grow some. Australia has been gutless, hiding behind America cheering them on.
America is friends with Israel. They too need a friendly tap on the shoulder from their friends.

If you disagree America is a bully, just look at the language Nikki Haley uses at the UN eg re Russia "We want to work with them, but need to give them a slap every now and then." re Jerusalem "We will be taking names and note of those who don't support us (all but 6 countries). If this is not bullying behaviour, I don't know what is.

powder 8 May 12

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A responsible citizen is one who votes.

VLove Level 4 May 13, 2018

I agree. The Aust-US alliance should be one of mutual respect, but in truth we revel in being someone's little buddy, and that's how the US treats us and regards us really. When Trump spoke to Turnbull like a dog a little while back it wasn't just Trump being Trump, but a glimpse of the reality of US elite attitude to Australia. He let it slip, and they smoothed it over afterwards. Australia should be a country of principles, and we are, but mostly other country's principles. Of course, the Australian political, business and media elite maintain a concerted effort to discourage Australian self-criticism or even serious self reflection. The mantra and reverberating echo of Australian self-congratulation fills our media and public discourse. You can say anything you like about Australia, as long as it's glowing and not critical. This is never more truer than talking about our foreign policy. I've refused to go along with this mantra for years. It started with the right wing, but has now corrupted left of centre politics as well, just as conservative ideology had corrupted just about everything else about progressive politics. So, no, don't expect Australia to stand up against anything any US governments do. That's not what little buddies do. Little buddies are with you right or wrong, even while you're kicking them.


Nikki Haley is awesome. She confronted Palestine after they told her to shut up.

True. I am in awe of her diplomatic skills........not.


Australa is best friends with USA because we need a big brother. Too often they give us s**t but we put up with it - because we have thousands and thousands of miles of indefensible coastline. To cap it all off - they won WW2 on their own, dontcha know?

VLove Level 4 May 13, 2018

its not your fault

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