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Fifty-five years old and my resting heart rate this morning was 52 BPM. I have been working out consistently since Feb 2, 2016. I had to stop for three months because of surgery, but because I was in such good cardio-shape, it was not difficult to do 5Ks right away on my stationary after the three months of doing nothing. I've about 15 pounds to lose and I'm feeling great and on my way! ?

LilAtheistLady 7 May 13

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Stay healthy my friend


I used to be a competitive distance runner. A 5K would do me in right now.?

I remember my 5k days. Then I hurt my knee, bought a street and stationary bike. Hands down: Biking is the best thing I ever did for myself. Way better than jogging in terms of cardio and joint damage. I love it! 😀

@AtheistLatina55 I have a mountain bike. Rode it only once in the last year.

@farmboy2017 Riiiiide farmboy! Ride! You won't regret it!

@AtheistLatina55 I'm sore just texting about it, ha!!


Wow! You certainly have yourself going in a positive direction.

My theory is that the Eddie Munster hairdo has been a good luck charm for you. Lots of good things that happened since then. ?

Hahaha! 😀


Way to go.

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