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Finally caught a male anole this morning...(or maybe he caught me!) Definitely much more aggressive than the females! He started out as bright green (before capture) and ended up as a dark brown (after capture). I was finally able to get a side view of him with his red throat extended...apparently they use it for attracting a mate AND to intimidate would be attackers! (He was NOT happy with me!)

Free_2B_Me 7 May 13

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oh wow,


It's almost lik watching "I bought a zoo" following you. 🙂

I know, right??!! But that's kinda the point! I love nature and this platform is a great way to share it with others!?


I love these little guys , and they're all over the place around me. I trained one, using mealworms. When it saw me, it would come closer and take a worm from my fingers, finally sitting and eating in my hand one day. I named her Annie.

Then I got chickens, and all lizards now wisely disappear when the birds are near !

I'm always happy to see them! Considering the fact that l have 3 cats, l'm lucky anything survives around here! Fortunately for the lizards, my cats are all getting fat, lazy, and old, so not the critter catchers they use to be!?

@Free_2B_Me Yes - outdoor cats are responsible for decimating wildlife. In some areas the problem is so bad - there is open hunting on them. Good yours are lazy !

@evergreen You must be referring to feral cats...?? These are pets and are inside/outside cats, are fixed, and mostly just lay around and sleep. They have a steady food source, so aren't out 'hunting' for food.

@Free_2B_Me Unfortunately, such is not the case. (by the way - I'm a major cat lover , and have two indoor cuties).
You might find this enlightening :

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