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I got rather nauseous today reading all the gushing about Trump moving our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. I posted the following on one of the threads..

"Who the hell cares. Religion is poison. Mythology created to make people fall in line with an agenda. Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. The result will be more bloodshed over a falsehood. You would think we as a society would have advanced beyond bronze age fairy tales but apparently not."

Israel is an albatross around this country's neck and it's all over f'ing religion. The Muslims hate us over it and Israel has made our country it's bitch.

zappaisfrank 4 May 14

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I travel back and forth across our northern border frequently by road. I have been additionally been vetted as part of the Global Entry program and travel outside the US often.
Am a US Citizen by naturalization since 2006.
Yesterday, on my re entry into US, I produced my passport card, was asked where I live and also...How did you get your citizenship?
This is the second time I have been asked this, several years ago and yesterday, so not just under this current debacle
I was taken aback as it should in my opinion not be up for discussion......I am a US citizen. I hold current documents proving it ! I guess it feels like when will I REALLY be citizen despite having chosen to become one?

Has anyone else had to answer this question?


You're right about everything, but the who cares part. We should all care. Our chief moron has painted a big fucking target on our contry, given the potential enemy he has riled an irresistible and vulnerable target, and provides funding and weapons to a murderous and oppressive theocracy. There have been more than 50 protesters murdered by Israeli thugs already over this move.

Finally, this move was encouraged by and appeases a fanatic group of evangelicals who want to help bring about an apocalyptic war in the middle East.

JimG Level 8 May 14, 2018
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