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Well thank you for allowing me to reach level 3. I couldn't do it without all of ya'll but in fairness this is a really weird group I'm not yet sure I belong in. First of all, my first three messages were the welcoming type asking if I had any questions. "Well gee I just got here. Questions about what? Not believing in God? Then , I interject myself into a conversation with a couple Muslim hitting folks and I fear that I have run into a alt right group. So now I don't know what to think. As a member of this group am I allowed to not believe in any God and also not hate anyone? Well ok, just hate very few.Oh and just the idea that I have to pick a category 2 post that's some BS right there

Antrages62 3 May 15

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Join a few groups that interest you, find like minded people and you will soon feel at home.


Awwwww....... we're all warm cuddly and absolutely NORMAL....... just look at me for example 😉


I think you need to distinguish between "hating" religion and "hating religious people. Personally I "hate" the scam but feel for the victims. Worse is the damage religion does to children. As for believing in god/gods, which god/gods is it you want to believe in?


I had the same experience when I first started and canceled my account because I was getting worked up by the arrogance and ignorance I was seeing here but I came back and now I find people that are able to have a discussion without being rude or acting superior and follow them.

 This is my favorite website, and I don't even consider myself an atheist or agnostic (I don't believe God is a conscious being like us, so I don't belong on Christian sites either) .  The hatred of  religion is pretty obvious when it comes to some folks on here but, it seems to be equal opportunity and it's understandable given what this site was created to be. 
     I think the important thing about this site is it gives people a place to associate with like minded people and can alleviate the feeling of isolation people can feel when surrounded by people who believe in the illogical notion of a omnicient and omnipotent creator God who Loves us unconditionally under certain conditions. 

The difference between me and a religious person is that I believe in one less God than they do ??

So which Hindu gods do you believe in? Or to make it easier which one do you discard?

Discard all of them ! Is this a trick question perhaps ?? Lol

@VAL3941 Well you did say "The difference between me and a religious person is that I believe in one less God than they do".

Ganesh is the principle together with many minor ones ?

@VAL3941 Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva and Ganesha, with Vishnu as the creator in one version so I guess he gets top billing, but other versions have Shiva as the creator. If you are going to come up with a confusing religion may as well go all in and do it properly.

In all religions confusion is the name of the game ?

I think that was Hitchen's quote wasn't it?

@VAL3941 for the first time I looked at your pic close up I notice you aren't in a wheel chair at all but on a push bike!!! hahaha

Quite correct. See you read the same books I do ?

Maybe I must change my profile pic ?

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