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Evolution used to ensure the survival of the most intelligent. Those days are long gone. []

MsDemeanour 8 May 15

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"Survival of the fittest" has been misquoted and misunderstood from the start. People thought Darwin meant the "strongest" (physically). This has led to much misunderstanding of evolution.

Darwin meant that it's the most adaptable species who survive, and that can mean very small (and relatively weak) species indeed.


"Evolution used to ensure the survival of the most intelligent."

Incorrect, evolution ensures the survival and proliferation of the species by favouring by natural selection those best suited to thrive in a concomitant given situation.
Some times this means the survival of morons.


it's always "the most adaptable", just people saying the wrong thing. Intelligence is just a single possibility as to why one species survives and another dies out. (beside man's helping their extinctions along).


The "fittest" include the most powerful, preditory, rapists, tribal chiefs enjoying executive conjugal privileges, etc. For some cultural reason Northern Europeans in recent years have risen above that. The U.S. is still in it's teen chaos.

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