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numanrace 3 May 15

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I'm packing my gear. Yessir, gonna blow this truck stop town out the rear exhaust and head south a ways then West out into the hills.
Did you know....on a winding mountain road, I mean top speed 15 mph winding...there's cow grates. Sheer cliff on either side, one up one down.....and there's damn cow grates.
Thems some kinda mountain climbing cows I'll bet.
Ain't seen one yet.

Grates. Section of pipes in the road laid into the pavement.
Cows won't walk over it. Not a big deal just curious locations for them.
Can't imagine any cows hanging out up there.


Oh nothing much, just world war three like as not to break out on three fronts imminently, the wholesales emasculation of the western male by third wave feminist extremists, Belgium about to become a Muslim country, London is imploding and my dog has the farts.
Other than that things are pretty shit.

"I never thought I was making a documentary,”
"idiocracy" screenwriter Etan Cohen

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