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The only instance where I’ve regretted not being able to go to an Ivy League school is missing the opportunity to clerk for her. I got to see her speak live once and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! My #1 pick for celebrity I’d most want to have dinner with.
Lilie 6 May 15

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I was able to see a ''sneak'' preview of this film....YOU MUST SEE IT, TOO! I insist!


Only Ginzburg and Sotomayor ruled states have no right to refuse expanded Medicaid to people working in poverty. ...their 7 colleagues stripped out of ObombneyCARE that human right to Healthcare while approving all else in the "tax" of ACA. ...Medicaid is the ONLY AFFORDABLE ASPECT of ObushaObombneyCARE....more welfare to killer insurance company CEOs guaranteed them a 20%profit CAP = LIMIT to greed. ...thus TRUMPolini et al Rethuglicans pick apart the carcass of health care funding like vultures eating roadkill kitty cats. ....RBG needs the greatest healthcare to stay on the US Sup Ct forever until a honest President is elected to appoint human not corporation justices


Hell yes! At least you got to see her in person. I'm jealous.


Very cool. Can't wait to see this.


Oh wow... justice Ruth. She's awesome.

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