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Bible Facts

germangirl90439 8 May 15

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OH, but it's the word of god!!!!lmao It was written many years after the supposed virgin birth by people that did not know where the sun went at night! It was also rewritten through the ages to suit who ever was in power at the time! therefore it has to be a factual pile of crap!lmao


But Obusha Obombney vetoed our states right to know GMO content. ....corporations including the Vatican corporation have more rights to keep their secrets than real humans market rights...grow your own food Atheistically ....CAVEAT EMPTOR buyer beware


I lost it at "iron chariots".

It's true, it's all true I tells ya


virgin birth always gets me

I believe that at that time in history that a virgin was any woman that had never given birth! Therefore there were many virgin births!lmao

I'm thinking that I read somewhere, the original Hebrew was "a 'young woman' shall give birth", which, as prophecies go, is just astonishing. Right up there with "A friend shall lose his friend's hammer." It was the Greek translation that interpreted this as "virgin" (like the difference between "maiden" and "maid" ) and hence gave us 2000 years of nonsense.

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