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The Atlantic just published a long piece under the heading "how the rhetoric of the left fuels bigotry on the right." The basic themes of the article relate to the left's alleged vilification of people like Sam Harris and Ben Shapiro as alt-right and the left's perceived elitist attitude towards rural "white" America. The article links to research tending to show that people are generically predisposed to be more or less authoritarian. What do you think?

ArturoS 6 May 17

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NOT the LEFT, The Regressive Left, strikes again. But, ahhh, those poor righties, all sad and such.

And nothing alleged. 'Tis true what they are trying to do to Sam, and Christopher, and Dawkins,...
The Idea police come from all directions.

The idea of The Atlantic article is not so much that a few intellectuals are being put upon, but that the divisions in the anti-Trump opposition drive up support for the President, in the same way that Obama argued that identifying ISIS as "Islamic" terrorists might be expected to drive some followers of islam into the terrorists' camp.


Actually it is the right that villifises everything decent...

That's precisely the point: the left and the right are going the way of the Hatfields and the McCoys. And any middle of the roaders caugh in the middle orb Wandy will be collateral damage. Is that the most fun we can have at this moment in time?

The regressive left are becoming just as dangerous. They are very anti-free speech.


What is the title of the article???

"how the rhetoric of the left fuels bigotry on the right." First letter of each word is capitalized.


"Vilification"...??? Simply discussing /reporting Facts is not nor ever will be "vilification". Get a grip!

Spot on.

Can't compromise with lies.


I believe it is a learned trait from parents,friends and community one lives in.


I'd say it has more to do with SJW's than the actual left. They annoying the crap out of me and I'm fairly left thinking

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