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The Biggest Myths About Socialism

phxbillcee 9 May 18

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We already have limited socialism as the video pointed out. Social Security is the best example and it has worked so far. What will kill it is if our politicians fail to properly fund it. On the other hand one can include in the definition of socialism "spending other peoples money". I don't see how anyone can claim even a portion of another's money. Money is the fruit of one's labor, taking that fruit makes one a slave.


Nice video, @phxbillcee. Maybe we should create another government that's run the same as socialism, but name it something else. The word "socialism" can empty a room even faster than the word "atheist."

I agree both terms have been poisoned! I won't back away from either, tho!


What!? You mean Stalinism? Goddamn lib'ruls want to take away our freedom!! Sorry, I couldn't resist. There was a T-shirt that was out when Obama was president that I wish I had gotten. It said "I WISH Obama was a socialist!"

We've been so brainwashed in this country that most folk don't even know what it really is!


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