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I have an hour of my break left, my miniscule colleague suggested sleeping in my car..but she's about 23 and teeny. I am 51 and 172cms. Its disgusting we don't get proper break rooms. I am just appalled by what is happening to our wonderful NHS. I will never understand the tory mindset. Privatisation, de-professionalisation, deliberate underfunding and encouragement to fail. Its so incredibly sad...onward until morning

Amisja 8 May 19

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Yep. The destruction of the NHS exposes the Tories and the general neoliberal psychopathy. They hate anything that's altruistic.

I often wonder what Nye Bevan would say if he were alive today. I hope we get a Labour government and Corbyn becomes PM. There is still the toxic right wing element within the Labour Party though. The battle continues.

Right on!

Political corruption can only be defeated when the greed of monetarism is replaced by a human needs system much like a bee hive of global abundance shared. ...symbiosis ought to be our guide


I believe there is a lot of "cronyism" in government, and an excellent way to distribute patronage is to award contracts in the NHS, the most inefficiently overseen body outside of the EU. Why else would the NHS award drug suppliers contracts that charge more than the street price of many medicines?
So companies are given lucrative, outsourced responsibilities, and for political vote gathering non-essential procedures become covered.
The original concept of the NHS was to allow everyone access to essential medical care, but note the word "essential". It did not envisage free IVR treatments, for example.
I am lucky in that, here in Spain that has not happened. The health service is efficient, even my local medical centre has a comfortable room for staff to have a break, and patient care is excellent, thanks to contented staff, paid well but not exorbitantly, who enjoy their work.

By the way, the mindset is not exclusively Tory - it was Labour that invented out-sourcing, and the Private Finance Initiative con, that is also bleeding the NHS dry, was dreamed up by a Scotsman called Gordon Brown. Both parties are corrupt.


Poor you !?

Tilia Level 7 May 20, 2018

I have heard Theresa May spew lie after lie @ Question Time in Parliament regarding doctor's and teachers salaries. ...Thatcher and Blair were no better betraying world peace and NHS that Tony Benn built

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