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To all of our friends in the U.K. watching American media talk and news show coverage I'de like to say "I'm so very sorry." Thank you.

RayQuinonez 4 May 21

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I was referring to all the pip pip, and cheerios being massacred with a fake ass English accents by these idiot morning talk and "news" show.


It's not unique to the USA.

We have our fair share of idiots who think that they speak for the majority whilst spouting their vitreol and hate about Johnny Foreigner, blaming Europe and immigrants for all our problems.


I agree, Wish we , the real US citizens could apologize to the Iranian people for what we did to them with the sanctions. I wish we could apologize to the immigrant women and children whom do not deserve to be spit on. I wish we could apologize to those in our nation who lost planned parent hood, and lost funding for education, and lost funding for child care. I wish I could apologize for Trump but it is futile without Mueller to complete his job/

EMC2 Level 8 May 21, 2018

take it easy, it's just a fuckin' joke.

@RayQuinonez I know but this Trump garbage is terribly dangerous and we must stop this before he succeeds in his quest. I apologize to the world and ourselves for what we have done to elect trump

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