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Hi everyone. I'm brand new here. I feel like I'm coming out of the closet completely full of fear realizing what I want to say to my family and friends about NOT BELIEVING in my Culture and the Creator. I was looking for Faith and a belief in something and nothing ever made any sense to me. I'm so happy to find this site.

gracielufreebush 4 May 21

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Could it be that you are not in a 'closet', but instead forced to defend yourself against attacks coming from the theists around you, and that they are the ones trapped in their own closets of delusion?

I hope you enjoy it here, where you can be yourself.

Thank you so much for your words. Yes I did think that my family was stuck and something inside me just didn't fit right when they would talk and tell me how things were suppose to be. It felt like our Culture was black and white, no gray area. I think I will enjoy this site and hopefully learn a lot.


I think we have this wonderful thing called conciousness that makes us curious about the universe and our role in it(even if we may not have one!).It's completely normal for people to search for a belief in something-and humanism is a belief-it's not religion or faith but it is a belief and was recognised by the UN away back in 2009 and if your beliefs make you happy and comfortable Good. You were very Brave in going against what everyone else believed -it takes strength and courage to be honest, most of us just want to be accepted for what we are, warts and all and the fear of rejection stops so many people from changing their beliefs-and we should be free to change them-(indeed I think any religion who is unwilling to let a believer give up clearly has a lack of faith) so well done, enjoy your new life, make new friends and explore your options.peace,love and understanding.

stu8 Level 4 May 22, 2018

Hello Stu8...thank you so much for your understanding and encouraging words. I have never felt so alone when I realized I had different thoughts and questions that no one could answer or didn't want to. I was told several times to be quiet when I asked. I hope to learn a lot from many here. Thanks again. Peace and Love to you Syu8!


Welcome. Enjoy yourself.


Welcome to our humble home. Post, comment and be happy !


Hiya and welcome. Come in and get it off your chest. ? I'm new to this site too — there's a good bunch of people in here.


Welcome to the den of heathens.


Welcome to the site. Enjoy ?


Hello and welcome here.

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