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This is the book I'm currently reading - "finding Darwin's god". It was written by Kenneth Miller, a biologist and devout Catholic. I have read through the first two chapters, no BS so far. Bought the book out of curiosity after listening to Richard Dawkins' citation of the book in one of his talks (I guess that was in the militant atheism Ted talk). In Miller's words, evolution is both history and a mechanism. By being history, it's a fact and by being a mechanism it's also a theory. I may give another review when I finish the book.

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I've also heard of it, maybe from Dawkins? Please give a review, I need more books laying around I won't read.


Wait a minute, we always have it both ways!
I’m reminded of the old joke:
“Rationalization is more important than sex!”
What ?! Nothing is more important than sex!
“ oh yeah? You ever go a week without rationalizing?!
( with thanks to The Big Chill)


I hope you do a review when you're finished the book. I like books that look at both sides of the issue. I'm a big fan of Jordon Peterson and Rupert Sheldrake because they are not completely dismissive of things we call 'divine' or 'spiritual'.


This man is trying to remold religion to protect it from scientific scrutiny and thus its demise.

He wants to have his cake and eat it. This is more about his desperate attempt to cling on to his faith by trying to reconcile two irreconcilable worlds.

Catholicism and evolution are oil and water.

"The new strategy is to teach intelligent design without calling it intelligent design." Kenneth Raymond Miller

From the first three chapters, he clearly acknowledged that the Bible creation story is a myth. I think he is trying his best to be factual, however, I am trying to get how he's able to put up with such cognitive dissonance


The Bible is the foundation of his faith. He can't have it both ways.

@Ellatynemouth so far from what I have read in his book, he is against intelligent design. He acknowledged creationism as a myth and symbolism for an uninformed era. We all go through a period of resolving cognitive dissonance; so I choose to give him benefit of doubt. Perhaps, this is the best way of getting the religious to learn about evolution, that is if someone among them teach it and try to show the proof. I think you took that quote out of context, he's clearly against intelligent design.


Please do ? Will wait for it !

Yeah, I will

Thank you !

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