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I really enjoy this new site lol new to me anyway but am I the only one who would like this to be an actual app? Yes no ? Lol is it because I am a millennial

Cosmicowl_73 7 Dec 17

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Ditto, I was hoping they'd come out with an app eventually, mostly for any notifications.

Gener Level 5 Jan 18, 2019

Im sure with increased popularity it will be put into app form. Im actually new myself to this site, and i think its very interesting. It will be interesting to see how fast the site grows in time.


App would be better but good enough for now


When I first learned of this site, I looked for it in Google Play Store. So I hope they make an app, but for now I just add it to home screen so I can go to it faster.


yep, looking forward for an app as well


Yeah that would be great.


With a messenger possibly?


Great idea! =D


Once again, we hope to have it next week... thanks! 🙂

Admin Level 8 Dec 17, 2017
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