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Reason versus Religion.

Imagine, centuries ago, two people, a long way apart, both eating a poisonous mushroom. They break out in a sweat, and begin hallucinating, eyes wide open with pupils dilated. They both cry out "The light! It is so bright.!"
One is head down, covering his eyes with his hands. The other, head arched back, raises his arms in despair. They both commence to mumble uncontrollably and then cry out "Save me!"

Friends around the former darken the simple room, cover his head with cold, wet cloth, and wipe away his sweat. They look carefully at the mushrooms, taking note.

Friends around the latter drop to their knees, crying out "Hallelujah! The Lord has come to take him away!" Nobody looks at the mushrooms.

Petter 9 May 25

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i reckon there has to be a specific gene (that i am lacking) which causes the god delusion. i have seen the light on shrooms, on lsd, on mescalin without ever feeling the need to divine-babble.


Spot on.


That sounds about right. Shadows on a cave wall, my friend.


And thus "The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away."


And this is why I don't eat mushrooms.

or lick toads, even.

@Petter well...

@Petter like the first person to drink milk from a cow... What was he thinking? And you know it was a guy. Women are smarter than that.

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