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The Ten Commandments

RobLes 6 May 26

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Only one commandment required: don't be an a-hole. That's it.


Funny thing about the Ten Commandments, the only one that deals with physical abuse toward another is "Thou shalt not kill". Nothing addressing rape, battering, whipping, etc. I figure back in those days when this nonsense was put to parchment the authors had to be mindful that women were still property as were slaves and both needed to be kept in line. So many holes.


The Ten Commandments for arseholes

  1. You shall have only one imaginary friend.
  2. Statues suck.
  3. Don't be a potty mouth arsehole.
  4. Have a day off.
  5. Try and be nice to your folks.
  6. Don't be a murdering arsehole.
  7. Don't be a cheating arsehole.
  8. Don't be a thieving arsehole
  9. Don't be a lying arsehole
  10. Don't be a greedy arsehole.
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