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The DCEU really isn't all that bad. Just hear me out. Wonder Woman is a legimately great film full of action, adventure, humor, feminism and wonder. No doubt about it. But I also think Man of Steel is fairly solid, as is the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman (stay far away from the theatrical cut). They're dark and different, which is why the masses who cling to an MCU bias seem to detest them; because there aren't throwaway jokes and pop culture references every 30 seconds. They deal with realistic scenarios such as Superman grappling with his place in this world and Batman being broken down to the point of being a sociopath. Zack Snyder isn't the hack that people say he is. Lex's motivation in BvS is actually quite compelling and intriguing despite how Jesse Eisenberg plays the role like a spastic Joker/Riddler hybrid.

Sure, Suicide Squad is a travesty, and Justice League is a classic studio botch job, but I appreciate the DCEU and I like 3 out of the 5 films so far. I can't hate any universe which gave us Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I for one am forward to Aquaman, Shazam and especially Wonder Woman 2.

TheDarkNolanite 6 May 27

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The MCU is better in film than the DCEU. The DC-TV universe is generally better than the Marvel TV universe -- or maybe even. Comics-wise I actually enjoy reading more DC characters than Marvel. In the end it's all good. It's great to see all my favorites on the big and small screen!

I used to get so much crap in the early comic shops for buying DC comic over Marvel, pre MCU Doctor Strange was the only Marvel comic I bought on a regular basis , and even then I always suspected Doctor Fate could kick his ass.

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